Where's My Subway?

Posted October 21, 2020

You're standing in the West 4th St. station, tapping your foot because if the train doesn't come right now, you may be late for that hard-to-get dinner reservation!

Where oh where is your subway?

The not-knowing is the hardest part, but that's all over now with the new website that the MTA just unveiled, which shows the system in real time, down to where each subway car is currently located. 

The status of the line you choose comes up in the upper left corner. You can see exactly where the next train is--and you can actually watch the little icon as it moves along the system. The website also shows service changes, so you can re-plan your route if need be. (No more relying on those paper flyers denoting temporary disruptions pasted on the columns next to the tracks.)

Another plus? It shows which stations have working elevators and escalators. If they're currently out of order, the site will let you know. In addition, exit and entrance locations and tunnel transfers are noted.

You can access this new subway map here.

Happy travels!

Image via Kymberly Janisch/Fickr