May 2, 2022

Treat Your Mama to a Meal this Mother's Day


Bring her some flowers. Mow her lawn. Grab a bottle of that perfume she loves and dump that guy she hates. 'Cause you only got one Mama and you need to treat her nice!

Chef Yoel Cruz of North Square agrees. That's why he's created specials for both a brunch and a special dinner for the one who gave birth to you (and has the stretch marks to prove it) this Mother's Day.

For brunch? Mom will love Yoel's New England clam chowder with crispy bacon and fresh herbs ($12). Or avocado toast with crab meat, asparagus, a poached egg and green salad ($18). And lobster salad! With baby lettuce, haricot verts, cherry tomatoes, marble potatoes, cucumber, avocado and crumbled bacon served with a ramp vinaigrette ($24). 

Dinner specials are just as yummy. Again, Yoel is serving his incredible clam chowder and the lobster salad. In addition, Mama can tuck into a grilled veal chop with basil risotto, sautéed wild mushrooms and roasted tomato ($38). 

Your mom can end both meals with a white chocolate cheesecake with roasted strawberries and whipped cream ($12).

Of course, our regular menu will be available, so have no fear.

So do your mother a solid and head here to make reservations. She deserves it!

Image via Lou Beuno/Flickr






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