Through the Looking Glass

Posted October 14, 2019

So this is a cool, only-in-New-York kind of experience: an immersive theater experience combining a mental hospital, the writings of Lewis Carroll and only 15 audience members per show.

In Then She Fell, those audience members explore a dreamscape where every corner and corridor of the asylum has been transformed into a lushly designed world. Participants can explore all the rooms, discover hidden scenes and encounter iconic characters one-on-one. Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and both the White and Red Queens will be in attendance.

But something's a little different. When you peer in into the looking glass, it stares right back at you. The White Queen could very well nestle with you in bed reading you a scary story. The Mad Hatter may command you to take dictation for a personal letter to Carroll, his creator. It's an experience as Alice-like as you're apt to get.

Then She Fell not only borrows from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, but Lewis Carroll's own life...particularly his creepily obsessive relationship with Alice Liddell, the ten-year-old who inspired his stories. Visitors are encouraged to snoop around looking for clues about the nature of the relationship between the famous author and his young muse, skeleton keys in hand.

Oh--and the Red Queen or another character may offer an alcoholic drink poured from a vial Take it. You're probably going to need it.

Performances last about two hours and you must be 21 to be admitted (gotta be those mysterious vial drinks) and tickets can be purchased here.

Image via Brandon Warren/Flickr