November 14, 2022

There's a New Museum Dedicated to Broadway!


Broadway has fully rebounded and is fully back to its pre-COVID vibrancy. So there's no better time for the new Museum of Broadway to open its doors, right?

Located on 45th Street, in the heart of the Theater District, the museum will offer visitors an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience.

The exhibit is comprised of three parts:

A map room will depict the history of and migration of NY theaters, detailing how the industry bounced around Manhattan before finally settling in Times Square.

A timeline from Broadway's birth through present day will highlight theater's pioneers, socially progressive moments, and some of the most beloved plays and musicals of all time. You can expect old lyric sheets, opening-night telegrams and handwritten pieces of sheet music, plus vibrant murals and and interactive augmented reality experiences.

Finally, a stage door will open into a backstage that deconstructs the making of a Broadway show, so visitors can get a sense of just how much--and how many people--it takes to live up to that old adage, the show must go on!

Tickets start at $39 and you can nab them here!


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