September 15, 2022

The Village Trip 2022


British journalist (and, full disclosure, our favorite guest at the hotel) Liz Thomson was dismayed after discovering that our beautiful Greenwich Village didn't have an annual arts festival to call its own. Thomson, along with Washington Square Hotel owners Judy Paul and Marc Garrett, got together with other Village experts--and fans--to put together The Village Trip, a celebration of arts and activism across both Greenwich Village and the East Village through September 25th.

The music programming runs the gamut from jazz to rock to classical music. Local neighborhood and history walks, topical talks and panel discussions are on tap, as well as an exhibition of neighborhood artists.

Check out a tour of the James Beard Townhouse on West 12th Street, or a panel discussion of Eleanor Roosevelt, who lived by the park between 1942 and 1949. Or a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel tour, where you can follow in Midge's footsteps to her favorite 50s haunts. How about a Lou Reed walking tour? Or a behind-the-scenes tour of the Whitney? Maybe a conversation with Richard Barone, former frontman for the Bongos, on the 1960s Village music scene? And this not-to-miss event: a talk with Brad Gooch, poet, novelist and biographer, right here in our North Square Lounge on September 21st.

Check out Jack Kerouac 100, a celebration of the iconic author with various music programming and panel discussions, including a special reading of On the Road with music.

Venues for the different performances and events this year will include Washington Square Park, St. John's in the Village, Cooper Union, HB Studio Playwrights Theatre, and various streets and corners in Greenwich Village, the West Village, and the East Village. Plus a slew of local restaurants, like The Little Owl, Blue Hill and our own North Square, will be offering special deals throughout the festival. 

The signature event will be a free concert in our beautiful park, featuring The Klezmatics and gospel singer Joshua Nelson, along with Reverand Bill and the Church of Stop Shopping. 

Some of the events in the festival are free; none are expensive! Head to The Village Trip's website for tickets to events and more info.





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