The One With The Friends Experience

Posted March 29, 2021

Could it be any more fun? 

The Friends Experience is back! A total of 18 rooms recreating scenes from the iconic TV show are yours to browse right here in the city where the show was set.

So what will you see?  Two stories of recreated Friends sets and memorabilia. Everything from the orange couch in front of the fountain in the opening credits to Monica and Rachel's living room to the Las Vegas chapel where Ross and Rachel drunkenly got hitched. There will be props galore, like Chandler's bunny suit and Rachel's unforgettable cow jacket. There will also be interactive displays where you can poke the Ugly Naked Guy (you know you want to) and take a victory lap on Pat the Dog.

Central Perk is recreated as a real live coffee shop that will feature coffee, pastries and desserts. (Miss Chanandler Bong's blueberry muffin, anyone?)

The event is located at 23rd and Lexington and photos are not only allowed, they're encouraged. Tickets are divided into peak (weekends, holidays and non-holiday weekends from 5 p.m. onwards)  and off-peak. (non-holiday weekdays before 5 p.m.) Peak tickets are $52.50 and off-peak will run you $45. There will be a limited number of standby tickets at the door for $65.

There's also a gift shop, where you'll be able to purchase t-shirts, tote bags and plush toys like Hugsy, Joey's beloved bedtime penguin pal.

And don't worry, the organizers have described the place as "Monica clean," which as any fan knows is really, really clean. Regular sterilizing will be performed and there will be a limited capacity inside. Masks, of course, are required and temperatures will be taken.

Image via LRD615/Flickr