March 13, 2023

Irish Pubs in the Village

Looking for somewhere interesting and exciting to lift a pint on St. Patrick’s Day this year? Come stay with us here at the Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village and hop your way through the best of New York's Irish Pubs.

We came up with a list of some of our favorite Irish pubs in the Village, plus a map so you can plan on hitting up each one on St. Patrick's Day! Download the ebook for a beautiful display and delicious descriptions of some of Manhattan's best places to hang.

7 of Lower Manhattan’s most authentic Irish pubs are all within walking distance of our hotel! Whether you’re traveling through the area for business or vacation, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to explore the “heart and soul of Greenwich Village.” Born into an Irish family or not, you should enjoy a bubbly and refreshing pint of beer, or a satisfying corned beef and cabbage meal. 

drink at the famous Irish Pub in NYC, the Late Late

Surprisingly these bars and restaurants are not all about having a drink or pasty, they are also historical hotspots of New York. “John Lennon, Woody Guthrie, and even Abe Lincoln have lifted a brew or two inside their doors.” While sipping on a light or even dark ale, “you may just find yourself gazing at something extraordinary, like a pair of handcuffs that Houdini himself wriggled out of. . .perhaps at the very stool you’re occupying.” 

These Irish pubs will keep you occupied for the whole day and possibly even longer! From delicious food and outstanding collections of beer, to their eclectic environments and telling history, you’ll love spending time in Greenwich Village’s most festive St. Patty’s Day pubs!

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