Revel Revel!

Posted July 27, 2020

So we told you about CitiBikes, right? Well, there's  yet another fun (and inexpensive) way to get around town. Enter Revel, a ride share service featuring electric mopeds!

It's super-fun and crazy easy to use. (Frankly, since discovering this, we may never take the subway again.) To get started, download the app, which will register you to the service ($5) and locate the nearest scooter to you, which will be reserved for 15 minutes. 

Once you've located the moped, it costs $1 to unlock it, and 35 cents per minute for your ride. If you want to bring someone else along, it will only cost you an extra buck. When your ride is done, simply park it perpendicular to the curb and be on your way!

For those concerned with safety, helmets and insurance are included. And if you'd like a little bit of instruction before you take the plunge, Revel can provide that, too. Remember to follow the rules of the road--bike lanes are a no-no. So are bridges and major highways, since the scooter maxes out at 30 mph (really all you need for city driving). International riders will be happy to know that their drivers licenses are valid with this program.

It's cheaper than a taxi, and way more fun!