July 28, 2022

Queens Night Market


One of the things that we love to do when we travel is check out the local food, especially the street fare. But the truth is, we don't even have to travel far from home to explore exotic flavors. Our own Queens is the most culturally diverse borough in probably the most multiethnic city in the world:  48% of the population is foreign-born and a whopping 138 languages are spoken! So we always head to the Queens Night Market to sample grub that we didn't know we couldn't live without. With over 90 countries represented, we're bound to find something delicious!

The market takes place on Saturdays from 5 p.m. to midnight, and the price cap on food orders is $5 to $6, so it won't break the bank. (And yes, beer and wine are also available!) It runs through October, but will take a short break between August 21st and September 16th.

You can expect lots and lots of unusual fare, like Afghan mantu and chapli kababs, Indonesian kue pancong and ote ote, Filipino balut, dinguan and lugaw, Indian tandoori and Venezuelan capachas. Or Antiguan ducuna and black pudding, Burmese tea leaf salad and han noodles, Belizean panadas and garnaches and Haitian chocolate.

Add on top of that live music and performances and art and merchandise for sale by local vendors and we'd say you've got a perfect evening.

Check it out!

Image via Boogich/iStock




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