Open Culture

Posted March 22, 2021

Everyone remembers last year's Open Streets program, right? Where local roads were closed down to pedestrian-only traffic to help all of us feel a little bit freer to walk and play during the heavy-duty COVID restraints?

Well this year, get ready for an even better idea: the Open Culture program.

Over a hundred streets throughout all five boroughs in the city will play host to ticketed, socially distanced performances, workshops and classes through October 31st. You could stumble upon an all-women drumming group, or get down with some Bronx hip-hop artists. All in the open air.

Basically it's the result of a new permit type courtesy of our mayor, which allows arts and cultural institutions as well as entertainment venues to secure permits for their outdoor performances. Over 150 events have already been scheduled.

An interactive map shows you the streets involved, and  the NYC permits website will who you what's happening where. But it might be fun just to happen upon a performance, you know? There's nothing better than wandering around our city--you never know what you'll find.

Meanwhile, the state is letting large outdoor venues stage performances at 20% capacity starting April.

We're coming back!

Image via Michele Ursino/Flickr