May 12, 2022

Only in New York


And we mean it. Our subways are a one of a kind, world-class venue for people watching. There is nowhere, and we mean nowhere in the world where the simple act of riding on public transportation can turn into such a show.

Check out this video below. There are costumes: a clown, Spiderman and demons. Folks exercise on the train. Chin-ups, pull-ups, weightlifting, Tai Chi...even some dude showing off his boxing moves. Jugglers. Magicians. Riders knit, twerk, sleep and jam to music playing on their earbuds. And bring their pets! A snake, a cockatoo...a pet rat?

The subway is a place where you can chow down on a snack while on the run. Some use chopsticks or tote their own wineglass. Others bring in a table with room for service for eight. (Uh, what?!?) 

Need to transport something and can't afford a cab? Commuters are seen lugging a mattress...and a tree. (You read that right. Someone brought an entire tree on the subway.) And inexplicably? A stuffed teddy bear in a cage.

Anyway, this video is good for a laugh. Check it out:



Image via Runs With Scissors/Flickr





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