Navigate Central Park Like A Local

Posted July 31, 2020

Maneuvering your way around Central Park can be tricky for visitors...and native New Yorkers too! I personally can only tell east from west solely by what side of Fifth Avenue I'm on, so needed a way to navigate Central Park like the local that I am.

The secret to navigating the Park

So when I read this little tip in Mental Floss, (a really fun magazine, by the way) my geek side joined forces with my always-hopelessly-lost side and let out a big fat yelp!

If you're in Central Park and want to find out where you are, here's how to do it:

  • Head to a lamp post
  • Each lamp post has four numbers at its base
  • The first 2 will tell you the nearest street
  • The second 2 point out if you're nearer the east side or the west
  • Even numbers = east. Odd numbers = west

Got it? So if you're stumbling around the park searching for the boat pond to show to the kids, and you know it's by 72nd St. and Fifth Ave. but good God you have no earthly idea where you currently are, just stop at a lamp post. There are 1600 of them.

Decipher the code and you'll know instantly whether you're heading in the right direction. No more getting lost!

I know, I can use your phone. But isn't this little bit of detective work a lot more fun?

Image via Markus Tacker/Flickr