Love and Date Nights in the Time of Coronavirus

Posted November 12, 2020

Over the years, we’ve come to decide it’s a fact that New Yorkers are some of the most adaptable people on the face of this Earth. This year, locals have proven that capability in general and in many specific aspects of life -- including the dating scene. With chilly evening temps soon to freeze up that scene, we wanted to consider date night options that would provide ways around the weather and the pandemic. In fact, we wrote up a whole e-book about it (pre-pandemic); however, we’ll touch on that momentarily. For now, we begin where all good date nights do…dinner!

 Kick off your night of winter romance at Zum Schneider NYC. Though currently closed, the German-Bavarian Biergarten does plan on re-opening New Year’s Day 2021. Inside, you’ll find a genuinely German vibe. The very chairs are one-hundred years old and sourced from Munich to accompany built-by-hand communal tables[1]. If you or your date happens to have a German-Bavarian background, then the authenticity of Zum Schneider NYC’s ambience and food will likely have you feeling a twinge of homesickness. 2020 made cross-continent travel the stuff of dreams. So, a culturally bona fide hangout like this one provides the perfect excuse to imaginatively transport oneself from NYC to German-Bavaria. Inside this Bierhaus, your dinner date will be kept warm not just by an HVAC system, but by the atmosphere and friendly staff as well.

Now that you and your date have gone and had your fill of good food and beer, you need a little after dinner good fun. The perfect destination for fulfilling that need is the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. The rink’s holiday décor will have you and your date feeling quite merry and bright indeed. Moreover, if the merry matter you happen to be on a date for is actually a special occasion, the Rockefeller Center offers what they’ve dubbed “Special Moments Packages”. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, public or private proposal – you name it! – the Rockefeller Center has priced packages for any number of occasions you might’ve scheduled on date night. In terms of safety during the current pandemic, ice skating conveniently provides a natural means for social distancing oneself from others. Why? Well, when you run into someone on an ice rink and slip and fall on your behind, it hurts. Therefore, avoidance space of six feet or more from other skaters occurs without really even having to think about it.

If this Biergarten and ice skating date night extravaganza isn’t quite ringing your winter date night bell, then we’ve got a whole e-book full of alternate ideas: “Cool & Unusual New York City Date Night Ideas”. If this idea has rung the bell, then really top off your date night, which may leave you feeling a little tired, reserve you and yours a cozy room with us. Washington Square Hotel makes a great basecamp for tons of fun things to do throughout NYC. More so, we’re a Travelers’ Choice awarded hotel which you can read all about in another of our blogs, “Good Golly, Miss Molly – We’ve Done It Again!

The overall point is – yes, there is a pandemic – but no, that doesn’t mean we should quit living life or quit having date nights, it just goes back to adapting. The many businesses in all of New York City’s boroughs are making continual and serious efforts to keep things safe and sound for their customers. Getting out there on a date night with your special someone shows that not even a pandemic has what it takes to stop you from treating them to a great night out on one of the best towns in the world.