Kusama: Cosmic Nature

Posted March 11, 2021


What better way to welcome spring than surrounding yourself with a riot of color? Beginning Saturday, April 10th, head to the New York Botanical Garden to take in the floral installations of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama with her newest exhibition Kusama: Cosmic Nature.

The show focuses on Kusama's love of nature and of color, with installations spread across the 250-acre park. Surround yourself with violas, salvias, zinnias, chrysanthemums and other colorful annuals along with Kusama's signature polka-dotted flora sculptures. Included will be paintings, sketches and two new sculptures from the artist, plus an infinity room concept which responds to natural light filtered through colored glass. And check out the immersive greenhouse installation called Flower Obsession, where visitors can apply flower stickers to the interior.

Throughout the exhibition, garden horticulturists will create spectacular indoor and outdoor displays to complement Kusama's creations. In spring, for example, the landscapes surrounding particular artworks will be planted with tulips and irises, while in the fall, they will feature  kiku, Japanese for chrysanthemums.

Cost: $35 per ticket through October 31. Tickets should be purchased in advanced and are timed-entry. When purchasing, you may be placed in a digital queue. Your place in line will be updated in real time, so don't navigate away from the queue or refresh your page--you may lose your place!

Image via Andrew Seaman/Flickr