March 16, 2023

It's Cherry Blossom Time!


Spring starts on Monday, people! And things are looking up. Daylight savings is here; sunset is around 7 p.m. this week. The weather is temperate--in the high 50s.

So it's time to welcome the cherry blossoms!

Central Park is the place to see these delicate pink flowers, and forecasters believe the blossoms will bloom much earlier than usual. There are four different featured trees that sprout cherry blossoms here: Higan, Kwanzn, Okame and Yoshino. The blooming usually begins in earnest by late March, but with the crazy warm winter we've had, we've already seen some come to life.

The powers that be say that these are the hot spots to find them in CP:

  • West side of Reservoir (Mid-park at 86th-96th streets): Already in peak.
  • East side of Reservoir (Mid-park at 86th-96th streets): Pre-peak.
  • Great Lawn (Mid-park at 79th-85th streets): Pre-peak.
  • Cherry Hill (Mid-park at 72nd street): Pre-peak
  • Pilgrim Hill (East side at 73rd street): Pre-peak
  • Sheep Meadow (West side at 66th-69th streets): Pre-peak

The good people of the Parks Dept. have even put together an interactive map, that will help you follow along with when and where flowers will peak in the park.

Image via Boogich/iStock





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