It's Almost Autumn...

Posted September 16, 2020

...and the leaves they will be a-changin'. If you want to get a full blast of New York City's fall beauty, head to Central Park and witness their roughly 18,000 trees transform into golden shades of yellow, orange, red and more. The good friends at our Parks Department have put together a fall foliage map to show you what you'll find where.

A few highlights? The Pool is a lesser-known body of water in the northwest part of the park, complete with hidden waterfalls. There you'll see red oak, hickory, tupelo and sugar maples in all their glory. Peek at the incredible chrysanthemum display at the Conservatory Garden at 5th Ave. and 105th St. Cherry trees turn bronze and red on the east and west sides of the Reservoir.

The Ramble is a region of wooded terrain just north of the Lake. Get lost (and you will get lost) among the red oak, sassafras and sweet gum trees. The Pond, located at the southeast corner of the park, just steps from Fifth Ave., features black cherry, sawtooth oak, gray birch and tupelo. A quadruple row of American elms lines the Mall on the Upper West Side.

These are a few highlights, but rest assured that the entire park will be a riot of color in a few weeks...and we can't wait!

Image via JR P/Flickr