How You Can Still Experience Music and Theater in Greenwich Village

Posted February 19, 2021

Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Now, if any one people could be qualified as best at keeping their balance on that metaphorical bicycle of life, we’d have to say it’s New Yorkers. Currently, the entire state of New York – Greenwich Village, of course, included – remains in Phase Four of the governor’s re-opening process. As we all mentally prepare for the next stretch of quarantining, we couldn’t help but reminisce on some of our favorite activities from before COVID…jazz, movies, and off-Broadway performances.

Businesses, especially in the arts and entertainment, have gotten creative with attempting to offer some semblance of the things we love, we’ve jotted down a few ideas if you find yourself reminiscing as well:

  1. Village Vanguard

The Village Vanguard has seen a lot since 1935, and it’s survived it all. This club became a Greenwich Village staple in the 1950s and is beloved by many who want to catch a jazz performance. While it’s not the same as sitting in the intimate atmosphere of the club and feeling the music in person, Village Vanguard has been streaming performances online in an attempt to adapt. So you might have to pick up a local bottle of wine or spirits and pour yourself a drink at home, but if you’re really starting to miss those jazz nights, see if your favorite clubs are offering online performances.

  1. LaGrange Theatre

Though temporarily closed to movie-goers for the sake of public safety, LaGrange is a truly classic historical landmark still worth visiting even if only to see the exterior. The theatre was originally built in 1925 to host live performances. However, as the entertainment industry was met by the evolution of live performances into motion pictures, they began adding movie screens. As of now, the building interior contains four screens. As for the exterior, the architectural style is one any nostalgic eye will find quite pleasing. Indeed, a feeling of having stepped backwards in time is sure to wash over any visitor to this landmark. Many theaters have transitioned to being able to offer online streaming or partner to offer films in other ways, so keep an eye out for online platforms your local theaters may be suggesting.

  1. Greenwich Village Off-Broadway Theatres

All Broadway and off-Broadway performances are on-hold till May 2021, so we didn’t pick a single specific venue to suggest here. Instead, we recommend you check out another of our blogs, “Greenwich Village:  Home to the History-Filled Off-Broadway Theater”. Within this blog, you’ll find a list of six of Greenwich Village’s beloved off-Broadway hubs. Currently, all theatres – off-Broadway and on – are providing consistent updates on show schedules to their individual communities of subscribers. That said, if you’re looking to keep most up to date on when the theatre-going may begin again, start by subscribing to e-mailed newsletters from each of those six.

The heart of the matter is that it’s important to continually move forward. The past is the past and there’s not a thing we can do about what a lemon of a past year it was. So, make a resolution this year to keep peddling forward on that bicycle of life. While they do look different, there are still ways to enjoy some of our favorite things.