August 18, 2022

Harry Potter Comes to New York City


Everyone knows about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, currently playing at the Lyric Theater, right? Well now, not only can you catch the show, but you can head  downtown to the Flatiron district and scope out the largest collection of Harry Potter products in the world. This new flagship store contains exclusive lines, magical photo opportunities and more...over three floors of Hogwarts fun.

Real props from the Harry Potter movies are on display among the vast array of products available for purchase, like over 50 types of wands that can be personalized, stationary, models and Hogwarts house robes. Customers can play immersive multiplayer virtual reality games, like "Wizards Take Flight," in which they can fly on brooms over the skies of London and Hogwarts Castle.  Guests can also enter into the Ministry of Magic via a red phone box or belly up to the Butterbeer Bar.

It really is an experience. In fact, the proprietors suggest that guests allocate a full hour to take in all the shop has to offer.

The store uses a virtual (magical?) queue system to manage capacity, so once you arrive, scan the QR code posted outside with your smartphone and fill in your group details (groups should be no larger than six people). The shop will alert you when it's your turn to come in. 

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