Four Of Our Favorite Lesser-Known NYC Parks

Posted March 10, 2021

Given our frequent partiality to Washington Square Park, we felt it long overdue to introduce our readers to some lesser-known jewels from the New York City park scene. So without further ado, here they are!

  1. The High Line

Located in the West Village, this park did not begin its existence as a park. It was actually an “elevated railway [which was] transformed into a public park”. It is owned by the city but maintained through funding provided by Friends of the High Line. The park’s greatest feature is most certainly the artwork you’ll spot on the structures remaining from its early 20th century life as the “West Side Elevated Line”. Before you plan your visit, be sure to click on over to the Visitor Information page on the Friends of the High Line website. Hours of operation vary seasonally, so it’s important to make sure the park will indeed be open before you head on out. 

  1. Hudson River Park

There are plenty of reasons to love the Hudson River Park. The views of the river and the NYC skyline are definitely top runners among our reasons, but number one for us is the Hudson River Park’s River Project. This project is curated to help educate current and forthcoming generations on the environmental significance of the park’s estuary. The estuary is 400 acres in size, and serves as an important transitional connection between the lively marine ecosystems of the river and those of the Atlantic ocean. The River Project not only builds a strong educational foundation for community understanding the estuary’s eco-role, but also encourages community efforts in cleaning-up waste from the river and its estuarine habitats.

  1. The Jefferson Market Garden

Though this garden may seem like a sleepy winter wonderland blanketed in snow right now, this tranquil treasure never fails to re-open once spring has sprung in April. It’s only open through October from Tuesday through Sunday, so this is another one that you should be sure to plan out your visit to. But trust us, whatever time you spend planning is time you’ll have spent well. Between the beds of tulips which seem to bloom in otherworldly colors that defy the known color spectrum, and the dewy stems of happy cherry blossom trees…well, need we say more in regard to why we think you should visit? 

  1. The Garden At St. Lukes In The Fields

This garden is one which has been reviewed on TripAdvisor as an “oasis in the [west] village”. We would find it difficult to disagree with that. Actually, walking through this little oasis brought to mind novelist Frances Hodgson Burnett’s secret garden; it was hard to subdue the sense that perhaps this place might indeed be magical. All sounds of the city simply fade away here.  So, if ever you find yourself in need of a bit of “me time”, or time spent in search of self-re-discovery, there is no better escape than this one.

It’s been a heck of a tough winter, and we know spring and the outdoor ventures that come with it may seem very far away. But, as Pablo Neruda – the infamous love poet – once said, “You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.”  So, hang tight dear reader.  No matter what, spring is on the way.