Four Must-Try French Desserts in Greenwich Village

Posted June 22, 2020

It's no secret that the French are widely renowned for their food, especially their desserts. And here in the Village, we think--make that know--that we've got the best patisseries outside of Paris.

Check these out:


1. Miille-feuille


The owner of Mille-feuille started out as a software architect in Paris with a passion for baking. His hobby led him to undertake professional training, and he soon fulfilled his dream of opening this little shop in our always-hungry city. There are now two other locations in the city, but the Village location at 552 Laguardia Place is the original. They serve their coffee strong and offer a wide range of French pastry options including tarts, eclairs, macarons, and, of course, mille-feuille, a French puff pastry. However, it is typically the croissants --especially the chocolate ($3.85)--which earn the most passionate reviews. To. Die. For. 
Patisserie Claude
2.  Patisserie Claude
This no-frills bakery at 187 West 4th Street is a true local gem. The namesake pastry chef always kept things simple and straightforward. Claude has recently retired, but his protégé, Pablo, has taken over and managed to maintain the same level of consistent, quality breads and sweets. Aside from the usual croissants, cookies, and eclairs, you'll also find killer coffee, a must for any French patisserie worth its salt. If you can only try one thing, however, don't miss the fruit tarts ($4.25).


3. Aux Merveilleux de Fred

This patisserie takes its name from a uniquely French pastry: the merveilleux cake... meringue mounted with dark Belgian chocolate whipped cream and coated with dark Belgian chocolate flakes ($35). (Yes, we wrote dark Belgian chocolate twice.) Yum! The pastry chef, Frederic set out to reimagine this iconic pastry years ago, and has been perfecting it ever since. The shop, located at 37 8th Avenue, is often considered one of the best in the city, and we tend to agree. 

4. Creperie NYC

Crepes! We can't get enough, and we're betting you can't either. But there's no need to board that flight to Paris. 112 Macdougal Street is the home for some of the best crepes we've ever tucked into, both savory and sweet. Owner Have Spievak prides herself on her creative menu, for good reason. Feel like sweet? Try their House Special Crepe...tiramisu with strawberry, Nutella and whipped cream ($13). Savory sorts will love their to-die-for smoked turkey with bacon and swiss cheese selection ($10).

 We love eating...and love supporting our local businesses just as much. Come join us!


Image via wEnDy/Flickr