Food Halls!

Posted October 23, 2019

There are several food halls scattered around the city, conveniently located near points of interest for visitors. They're great places to grab a quick, inexpensive and crazy yummy snack in between ogling the art deco beauty of the Chrysler Building, craning your neck to catch the celestial ceiling at Grand Central, and taking in that Broadway show you've just been dying to see.

You can thank Urbanspace, a company whose purpose is to connect local chefs, artisans and makers with local communities.

Three halls are currently operating: Urbanspace Lex is located in the historic General Electric building (another art deco beauty) at Lexington Avenue and 51st Street. Over 20 vendors are on hand, including Roman pizza purveyor Trapizzino, ramen from Kura-Obi (the folks behind the best ramen in the city, Ippudo), Indian fast casual from Inday Go-Go and Australian fare courtesy of Tuck Shop.

The Vanderbilt outpost, right by Grand Central, hosts local favorite Roberta's Pizza, Asia Dog (kimchi on a dog, anyone?), meatless burgers at No. 7 Veggie, Red Hook Lobster Pound and donut masters, Dough, among others. In addition, for the next five months, Meryenda, with Chef Edit Ugot, and up-and-coming chef, will be dishing out Filipino fare, like lumpia, a dish spicy pork and shrimp.

Grab a pre-theater Happy Hour snack and cocktail at the outlet in Times Square. How about three empanadas for 10 bucks at Nuchas, or a hotdog and beer for $15 at Snackbox? $10 will get you a burger and fry combo at Burgerbox.

In addition, another hall is in the works at 52nd and 6th that promises to be even bigger and better than the others.

This is what we love about New York. Yeah, you can have a fancy, expensive meal at Per Se--which is amazing, by the way--but you don't have to. Our culinary cup runneth over, so it's just as easy to have amazing multi-cultural grub minus the freakout when the credit card bill arrives in the mail!