Step Out The Way COVID-19 – Fashion’s Moving Forward

Posted September 10, 2020

People often talk about how they miss the “old normal” and how uncertain they feel about the new. Let’s forget these nostalgic woes; instead, dive into the mindset of those who make a living in the fashion world. Why? For no better reason than the fact that New York City will be hosting the Fall 2020 Virtual Fashion Week (NYFW), and also because the forward movement of the fashion world is something we should all take a second to consider. Designers imagine the styles of tomorrow and contemplate what looks have potential to become the popular, new normal fashion. In order to get you into that same forward-thinking mindset, here are a few details we thought you should know regarding this Fall season’s show.

Foremost, you should know the dates of these events which will be held both virtually and in-person at Spring Studios. Shows run from September 13th-17th. For a list of designers being featured, click on over to NYFW’s September 2020 information page. Included in virtual sessions will be talks and Q&As highlighting creative catalysts, compelling topics, and campaigns driving fashion forward. Additionally, virtual attendees can remain informed and view the week’s live-streamed footage by following @NYFW on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For those already scheduled or looking to attend in-person, the show website assures “events will adhere to the latest official health and safety guidelines, as the wellbeing of the fashion community remains paramount.”

If during the week you become a bit wearied of fashion and seek alternate entertainment, keep in mind art museums are beginning to open again throughout the city. One option is the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan. MoMA is controlling visitor capacity by offering reserved timed tickets only. Tickets through September 10th are already sold out, so it’s best not to procrastinate. Tickets from the 11th onward are going on sale on MoMA’s ticket reservation site soon. Speaking of last chance opportunities, MoMA is currently featuring renowned photographer, Dorothea Lange. Lange’s “Words & Pictures” gallery will be featured only through September 19th. She is known for her attention placed on the human condition during historical times of discontent -- a fitting feature given current events, and one we encourage you not to miss.

Of course there is always the question of where to stay that will be convenient for enjoying both NYFW and re-opening museums. Might we suggest the Washington Square Hotel? Actually, we’re not trying to flaunt our own name here – our hotel is near both the NYFW events and MoMa. From NYFW’s physical venue, we’re a mere 20 minute walk away. When you’re in the mood for a dose of modern art, we’re only an 18 minute drive or 20 minute trip on the F or M trains.

Whether it’s art or fashion you desire, the point is both of those things involve embracing change in order to give way to inspiration. Humanity has a long history proving we are more than capable of adapting to change. With a bit of willpower and some time spent admiring forward moving fashion, let’s be inspired to look forward in every facet of our lives.

Photo by Flaunter on Unsplash