Be Our Valentine!

Posted January 30, 2020

It's almost Valentine's Day and you're looking for a way to seal the deal, er, stoke the flames of love. Wouldn't a lavish meal at a reasonable price do the trick, rather than dumping a wad of hard-earned cash on limp, overpriced flowers and perfume your grandmother wouldn't even wear?

For all of us here at Washington Square Hotel, given a choice of good food over flowers, we're going with the grub. Every. Single. Time.

So here's the deal. $70 for a three-course prix fixe. If you've tasted Chef Yoel Cruz's food, you know that you'd pay twice that for all of the goodies he sends out of his kitchen. Here's a sampling of what you'll find:

Of course, there will be oysters available for the first course (Malpeque, Yaquina, Wellfleet and Blue Point with a sherry mignonette and housemate cocktail sauce). Or you can indulge in ricotta gnocchi with roasted squash and kale in a a ginger butter sauce, or choose between several salad offerings.

Filet mignon au poivre, rack of lamb, herb-crusted salmon, fennel-crusted sea scallops and a vegan Thai curry are just some of the offerings for the main course.

And for the all-important dessert? Your choices include red velvet or chocolate mousse cake, a brown sugar spiced crème brûlée and key lime pie.

If your romantic situation is currently bleak, you may worry that you'll have to spend V-Day solo.

Fear not. You don't have to! This three-course feast can also be renamed the "You Would Be Eating Quail Right Now If You Didn't Screw It Up, You Narcissistic Fool" Day.

Yes, we've celebrated this more times than we care to remember. So if you're single, bring your best buddy and toast to your freedom!

Make a rezzie here before we're all filled up.

Image via Cozinhando Fantasias/Flickr