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The Color Factory

March 19, 20241 min read

Spring is almost upon us. And with it brings longer days, warmer weather and lots and lots of color.

So get thee to the Color Factory in Soho, a multisensory--and interactive--20,000-square-foot exhibit that showcases work from local writers, musicians and poets. Guests travel through 16 individual rooms with a distinctly New York City feel, but bursting with color, such as a baby blue ball pit or a disco-themed dance floor. How about the Central Park Confetti room, complete with ginormous pink cherry blossoms?

One cool feature is upon entry, you are presented with a card to scan at each of the experiences. Photos will be sent straight to your email so you can skip fiddling with your phone and direct your focus at the beautiful hues surrounding you.

Tickets start at $38 and the spring exhibit runs through mid-may.

Image via enjoynz/iStock

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