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Sample Sales!

March 25, 20241 min read

New York City is where you want to be if you're looking for Dior duds on a JC Penney wallet.

The designers trot out the bulk of their excess spring and summer seasonal goods between April and June. (Fall merch can be had from October through December.) Clothing, shoes and accessories can all be found at a deep discount at these events.

Patience is key, but if you keep your cool, you can snag trendy garments at up to 90% off.

A few tips: some showrooms don't have dressing rooms, so wear something tight that you can slip clothes over to get an idea of they fit. For a really hot sale, get there early to be the first one in. (Folks can start lining up an hour before the doors open.) Conversely, designers may slash clothes that don't move quickly, so you may want to make a return trip the next day to see if those linen pants that you were on the fence about truly become a steal.

The designers tend to schedule the sales only a few days in advance, so head to a website like The Stylish City to check out what's up and coming.

Happy shopping!

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