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Lower Manhattan's Sweet Spot

November 07, 20233 min read

It's a hot one, people, and nothing satisfies in summer like an ice-cold treat on a scorching day. With New York state home to approximately 4,500 dairy farms and more than 620,000 cows, it’s no wonder there’s an abundance of ice cream parlors and creameries here in Manhattan. And we aim to sample all of them. Just for you. You're welcome.

But we don't have to venture far. Whether it’s a rich and smooth scoop of ice cream, a dense and silky serving of gelato, a frozen novelty on a stick, or even a vegan sorbet, our guests at the Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village can easily find something icy sweet to satisfy. Luckily for us, our hotel is central to more than a dozen ice cream parlors and novelty shops within just a few blocks of its front door—the perfect distance for gelato fanatics to stretch their legs before indulging.

Here’s a list of the closest spots to get the best ice cream and frozen delights the neighborhood has to offer:

Amorino — 60 University Place (.2 miles/4 min. walk)
Famous for its artisanal gelato served atop cones and sculpted into flowers, Amorino uses free range organic eggs and the highest grade whole milk in its gelato. For vegan patrons, the menu includes a variety of 100 percent vegan sorbet flavors. The web site also includes an extensive allergen list for those with food allergies, restrictions and sensitivities. Click here for information about hours and menu.

DŌ Cookie Dough Confections — 550 LaGuardia Place (400 ft./2 min. walk)
Whether you’re a fan of ice cream, cookie dough or both, this shop has got your covered. With a wide variety of flavors and combinations, DŌ Cookie Dough Confections has something to satisfy every sweet tooth, from churros to red velvet. The shop also serves vegan and gluten free options. Click here for information about hours and menu.

Grom — 233 Bleecker Street (.5 miles/7 min. walk)
Known for its all natural, old-country style gelato made from raw materials without artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives, you never know what the menu of the month will offer. Perhaps a classic pistachio or an exotic yogurt gelato with sultanas, hazelnut and coconut? Grom also offers sorbet and gluten free options. Click here for information about hours and menu.

I CE NY — 101 Macdougal Street (.1 miles/3 min. walk)
I CE NY offers customized creamy Thai rolled ice cream selections with mix-ins from candy to fresh fruits. Selections are hand mixed with metal paddles on an icy metal plate, spread thin then scraped into rolls served in a cup. Add toppings and sauces to your liking for a unique summer treat. Click here for information about hours and menu.

La NewYorkina— 240 Sullivan Street (300 ft./1 min. walk)
With a mission to share the sweetness of Mexico, La Newyorkina offers Mexican ice cream, paletas(Mexican-style ice pops) and chamoyadas (spicy fruit concoctions with a texture somewhere between a slushy and a sorbet). Why not take your taste buds south of the border this summer? Click here for information about hours and menu.

Popbar — 5 Carmine Street (.3 miles /6 min. walk)

If you prefer your frozen novelties on a stick, Popbar offers gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt popsicles with a choice of toppings. The shop uses real fruits and natural toppings, sourced locally for a fresh and unique frozen treat. Click here for information about hours and menu.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream — 152 W. 10th Street (.2 miles/5 min. walk)
Serving classic ice creams, sundaes and milkshakes, as well as vegan ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream never fails to please. Click here for information about hours and menu.

#Didyouknow The International Dairy Foods Association reports that frozen delicacies date back as far as second century B.C., with Alexander the Great enjoying honey and nectar toppings on a “bowl of ice and snow.” Clearly Alex knew his stuff. Ice cream as we know it made a debut in America in the late 1700s and has long since been a summer favorite in the USA.

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