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It's a Scavenger Hunt! With Food!

November 07, 20231 min read

Our beautiful Greenwich Village is known for its culinary delights: a regular slice at Joe's Pizza, cronuts at Dominique Ansel's, or any kind of cheese you can think of at Murray's.

So that's why The Munch Around Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt sounds like so much fun. The organizers have gathered tricky (and humorous) questions that cater to the history, culture, and all-around tastiness of our 'hood and set participants off in teams to solve the clues.

Players will be shown (or scout out, as the case may be) locations from the sitcom Friends (luckily, glimpses of the Ugly Naked Guy are not included), Sex and the City, Manhattan and Spider-Man 2. Plus hangouts of such infamous, no-first-name-needed Village denizens as Hemingway, Holiday, cummings and Pollock.

All the while solving clues and noshing on the yummiest, spiciest, gooiest, sweetest grub the Village can offer.

Does it ever get better than that?

The hunt will last three hours and costs $24 per person. All you need to bring are comfy walking shoes, a smartphone (there are team photo challenges during the event) and $10 was per person to take advantage of the "munch stops".

Check it out!

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