House of Cannabis

January 22, 20241 min read

It was just a matter of time before NYC, home to about 150 museums, welcomes one dedicated to the joys of weed.

A visit brings you into a trippy, mind-bending world...25,000 square feet of space in Soho filled with fascinating facts and immersive experiences that smokers--and abstainers--all love. The museum also lays out the social justice issues that come along with cannabis prosecution, and delves into the science of all things weed.

A little intro to what's inside:

  • The Disorientation Room is chock-full of fun house mirrors and green lighting, plus a video showcasing cannabis culture, featuring everyone from Snoop Dogg (of course) to Martha Stewart (whaa?)

  • The Euphorium is a ginormous spinning record that you can sit on while listening to music.

  • The Forum highlights real stores of New Yorkers who describe how cannabis punishment disproportionately affects people of color.

  • The Joint is a rotating, pop-up art gallery, showcasing artists embedded in cannabis culture and art.

  • Learn the ins and outs of growing weed in The Grow.

  • The Microverse is a collection of close-up cannabis photos, hung on glittering silver walls..

Tickets start at $39. And, no, you can't buy any weed there (but you may leave wanting to).

Image via Alexandrum79/iStock

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