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Eatwith a New Yorker

November 07, 20231 min read

We know everyone loves Chef Yoel Cruz's food at North Square. (I mean, come on. How could you not?)

But sometimes when you're visiting, wouldn't it be cool to eat in the home of a local? The website Eatwith matches tourists (and locals) to killer home chefs or true professionals for a to-die-for meal at their place.

Dinner, brunch, lunch, tea time, tasting and aperitif sessions are offered. You can even take a cooking class or a food tour!

Hosts are frequently reviewed by past guests, so you can get a good idea on whether the spread will be worth it before you even go. Plus there are pics, which, as we know, are a good indicator of yummy grub. We always eat with our eyes first, don't we?

The best part? Getting to know your hosts, fellow travelers and locals. Food isn't the only thing that makes a meal. Lively conversation can truly turn a good repast into a memorable experience, and that's what the folks at Eatwith strive for.

A quick glance at the website told us that you can take a Chinese dumpling cooking class in Brooklyn, a sandwich tour through the Village and Soho, chow down on a Balkan feast in a brownstone, take a plant-based African cooking class or experience a South African-style tea in Queens.

EatWith is available internationally, but the cool thing about taking part of it in New York is that we are the original melting pot. Just look at what we listed above--and that's just a small sampling of the offerings. Because it's New York, attendees are able to sample food from all of the world!

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