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Dog Days in Washington Square Park

January 25, 20241 min read

We love to celebrate here in New York City--especially in Washington Square Park. Holidays, the arts, history...even dogs!

For the second year, the NYC Boston Terriers, a group of fans of that oh-so-cute breed, gather right here in Washington Square Park to show off their furbabies.

Boston Terriers are known to be gentle and friendly, with short tails and huge eyes. (In fact a high school student submitted a photo of her pup to the Guinness World Records committee and he was dubbed the dog with the largest eyes in 2012.)

Over 100 hounds showed up in 2023, and even more are expected this year on February 17 at 1 PM.

Before or after the event, make it a totally canine day by heading to the AKC Museum of the Dog in Murray Hill, where exhibitions focus on our four-footed friends.

Image via Jovaka_Novakovic/iStock

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