Catch the Cherry Blossoms

Catch the Cherry Blossoms

November 07, 20231 min read

We're kind of on a flower kick here at the Washington Square Hotel.

Because, hey, 'tis the season! (Well, almost.)

If you also love them and really want your mind blown, check out the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this spring.

Here's the deal: the trees bloom from late March or early April through mid-May. FYI, daffodils bloom at the same time, so the colors should be out of this world. Temperature, precipitation and other variations in weather all contribute to the timing of the blooms, and how long they will linger--usually around four weeks. There's no exact way to predict when they'll start to flower, but, in a very un-scientific nutshell, the warmer the weather, the sooner the bloom. In turn, cooler weather tends to preserve them.

No one tree flowers for more than a week, and there is no moment when all are blooming at once. Instead, different species blossom in succession, allowing many opportunities to savor the season, and more reasons to visit New York in the spring!

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are open from Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Tickets are $18, with seniors and students only paying 12 bucks.

Come visit and take in the beauty!

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