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Broadway Roulette

November 06, 20231 min read

So this isn't for everyone, but for folks that love most Broadway shows and plays and are just as happy seeing ASoldier's Play as they are singing to Jagged Little Pill, it's really worth a shot.

You pick a day and the number of tickets...up to four months in advance, which is cool. Tell the site your preferences. Only musicals and plays? Kid-friendly a must? That will help steer the organizers to placing you where you want to be, so there is some input.

And the participating shows are truly hits. Check out just a part of the list: Hamilton, To Kill a Mockingbird, Mean Girls, Frozen, Dear Evan Hansen, West Side Story, The Lion King and Book of Mormon.

Broadway Roulette takes requests about four months before the show, so plan a trip and a show for April, May or June today.

Why is it worth the gamble? Tickets are only $49, $59, or $79 for premier orchestra seats. Truly a steal if you're the flexible type.

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