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Blood Manor

December 04, 20231 min read

It's Halloween season here in the city. We say "season" because we celebrate all month long!

If you like to be scared--and laugh at the sight of your loved ones freaking out--take in the show at Blood Manor. This haunted house is comprised of approximately 10,000 square feet of themed rooms, corridors and passageways. Participants wander through it by foot and encounter lots and lots of zombies, electric saw-toting madmen, creepy children (they're the worst!) and blood, blood, everywhere.

For folks who take a lot to be scared and going to a regular haunted house just doesn't cut it fright-wise (seriously?), check out Lights Out Nights. The title says it all. All of the lights are turned off and guests must journey through the attraction with just one glow stick per group, making the experience all the more spine-chilling. (November 3 & 4)

Blood Manor is located in Tribeca and is open every weekend and some weekdays through November 4th. General Admission will run you $55. Yes, tickets are sold at the door, but not that many, so it's probably best to purchase online. The show is not recommended for kids under 14.

Special note to jittery readers: The performers are not allowed to touch you--and you can't touch them. (But then, why would you???) And there are emergency exits if you freak out!</p>

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