January 6, 2023

Around-the-World Spa Day


We just love spas, and when we travel, we're itching to sample the different variations all over the globe. But now? We don't have to shell out big bucks for a round-the-world plane ticket, because we've got all different spa treatments right here, in one place.

World Spa in Brooklyn is an urban bathhouse and wellness club focusing on authentic treatments from other lands. Three floors and 50,000 square feet of global spa experiences are there for the taking. Like an Eastern European banya (a Russian steam bath with a wood stove). Or a Turkish or Moroccan hammams (steam bath). Finnish saunas, cleansing Himalayan sea salts and Japanese onsens (hot springs) are also on premises.

Another cool feature? World Spa will serve small bites and sips from the countries featured. (A liquor license is coming soon.)

Prices ranges from $85 to $115, depending on when you want to come. You can book an appointment here.

Image via shironagasukujira/iStock




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