And Just Like That...

Posted January 6, 2022

...a new, updated series is on HBO, bringing us up to date on the lives of those Sex & The City faves Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. 

One of the cool things that New Yorkers love about the show is its locations. We adore seeing our beautiful city used as, well, not just a backdrop, but more like another character in the iconic comedy. And many folks, upon visiting New York, long to walk in Carrie Bradshaw's footsteps.

And you can! On Location Tours has put together a Sex and the City Hotspots bus tour, in which guides hit many of the must-see locations of the series. Magnolia Bakery? Check. Buddakan, the lavish Asian fusion restaurant in Chelsea? Check. Carrie's brownstone with the to-die-for-how-the-hell-does-a-rent-controlled-apartment-have-this-big-a-closet in the Village? Check.

The 3.5 hour tour explores several Manhattan neighborhoods, including the Meatpacking District, Soho and our own Greenwich Village. Over 40 locations feature in the show are included...trendy boutiques, bars, designer shops (Marc Jacobs, Olive and Bette)...even a sex shop!!

Tickets run from $66-$76. A complimentary Magnolia cupcake is included, plus tour guests over 21 have the opportunity to sip discounted cocktails at Onieal's bar in Little Italy. The tour departs near 5th Avenue and 58th Street and is only for those aged 13 and over. Public tours run several times a week, but private tours are offered daily, with an option to travel via limo!

Image via marco/Flickr