7 P.M.

Posted May 19, 2020

If you've visited the city lately, you're definitely aware of the 7 o'clock cheer that has rung out every night since this pandemic hit.

Folks lean out their windows and scream their lungs out. Some beat on pots with spoons; this blogger pounds on a bongo drum. Cars honk their horns. Pedestrians stop dead in their tracks and wildly applaud. After the noise dies down, you can often hear music blasting. Songs of togetherness like Carole King's You've Got A Friend and Bill Withers' Lean On Me. Or tunes celebrating our city like Sinatra's New York, New York

For five minutes every night, we come together as one.

Why? All to thank our emergency responders, nurses, doctors, medical technicians and the national guard. To celebrate the folks who work in supermarkets and pharmacies, the garbage collectors and the mail deliverers. To express gratitude to all the necessary workers that put their health on the line every single day for us during this difficult time.

Every. Single. Day.

Image via Carl/Flickr