5 Things You Can Do With That Extra Hour This Weekend

Posted November 2, 2019

Yes, Eastern Standard Time is returning this weekend, so we need to get used to those dark mornings and pre-six o'clock sunsets. The upside: time is falling back an hour, so we have a whole 60 minutes more to play:

1. There's only one weekend left to catch the Guggenheim's Basquiat Defacement: The Untold Story. Defacement is a painting created by Basquiat concerning black identity in an overwhelming white art world.

2. The weather promises to be cool, but sunny. Head into our backyard, Washington Square Park, grab a dosa from the Dosa Man, and listen to the buskers do what they do best.

3. Haven't been to the Brooklyn Museum? It's New York's third largest museum, has a whole wing devoted to the latest in feminist art and is free the first Saturday night of the month!

4. Try to score last-minute tickets to Madama Butterfly and La Bohéme at the Metropolitan Opera!

5. And finally, get thee to the Marathon!

mage via Wally Gobetz/Flickr