Take In New York Like a Writer: 20 Diverse Books Set in the City

Books-NYC-Cover.jpgWhen it comes to New York City, everybody's got an opinion. And as such, the greatest city in the world has been written about time and again... but never before quite like this.

Ever wondered why NYC is the backdrop, and often the main character, of so many novels? 

Wonder no more. 

We've listed 20 of our favorite books set in NYC for you. With 10 classic and 10 more recent works, this list truly has something for everyone. You'll find books that will keep you guessing about what comes next in our wonderful little city, at every street's turn. Not to mention, we highlight some of the main NYC locations mentioned in the books so you can seek out the locations that will capture your imagination in person. Simply fill out the form to the right for your download.